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Genesis Bitcoin
Genesis Bitcoin NFT

First mined bitcoin memorabilia and proposed substitution of the unspendable first BTC.

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Genesis Bitcoin
Genesis Bitcoin

The NFT memorabilia and proposed substitution of the unspendable BTC. Why?

The Genesis Bitcoin NFT represents not only the greatest event of the crypto history, but also the ownership of the very first bitcoin mined by Satoshi Nakamoto himself on 3 January 2009.

Why also ownership?

The original genesis bitcoin can not be spent (transferred to someone) because the genesis block is hardcoded in the software - thus not a part of the blockchain database itself. This makes it invisible for processing while being counted in the total bitcoin supply.

Genesis Bitcoin NFT reclaims the value of the unspendable genesis bitcoin which is in unreachable territory in the manner of Terra nullius. So the genesis bitcoin can be spend vicariously through selling this Genesis Bitcoin NFT memorabilia.

Each of the 50 interchangeable BTC from genesis block has its own representation as a single Genesis Bitcoin Non-Fungible Token. Therefore the full price of one Genesis Bitcoin NFT is 1 BTC increased by the memorabilia added value. The real value is based on consensus.

Genesis bitcoin will forever sit at the genesis address 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa
You can look into the very first bitcoin transaction ever.

The actual value lies in the NFT token behind this picture; the picture itself is just like the ink on a banknote.

Creator of the Genesis Bitcoin NFT is not claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, nor owns the genesis address private key, which is in this case useless. That's the whole point of this NFT anyway.

Verification of authenticity: The Genesis Bitcoin NFT originates only from this smart contract.

You need MetaMask app

A Full Hero Story Behind the Genesis Bitcoin NFT 

It may seem like the efforts of one hero.
However, there is a community of dozens of crypto veterans who met during 2017.

For the world outside, their joint effort appears to be the action of one superhero.
You can call him Melouny, but he's quite an elusive mystery. So no one really knows his name.

When NFT digital art became a thing, he couldn't wrap his mind around it.
Why such expensive pics? I can save them for free, right? 

But then enlightenment came to him and he saw a whole new era of digital art.

So how does one participate, he asked himself?
A simple idea occurred to him.
What is the greatest moment in crypto history? 
Of course... its very beginning.

So the first idea for NFT memorabilia was born. The very first bitcoin - Genesis Bitcoin.

But WAIT!  
What is it?

The very first bitcoin can't be spent by its rightful owner Satoshi Nakamoto?

Because he doesn't want to?
Because he's not alive?
Has the private key for the genesis address been lost?

Because even if Satoshi signs the bitcoin transfer with his valid private key, the genesis bitcoin will not move. Because the genesis bitcoin does not exist in the eyes of a bitcoin wallet software.

The genesis bitcoin sits in the very first genesis block, which is... outside the blockchain database.
Oops. The genesis block is a hard-coded starting point, so it is not part of the blockchain database. And the wallet only looks for bitcoins in the blockchain database.

This means that we are missing 50 BTC of genesis bitcoin from the total bitcoin supply.

What a waste of perfectly good bitcoin. Who will save the day?

Of course... our elusive superhero!

Thus, the idea of NFT memorabilia has been extended with a proposition that it should at the same time substitute the value of the "non-existent" genesis bitcoin. To recover the lost value and return it to circulation ...

And all of that... practically for free... um, well, a superhero has several hundred starving children, so it can't be completely free, you know? Well... it's actually quite expensive to be honest... But hey, you'll feel so good inside if you own this epic piece of history. You can't put a big enough price tag on that, right? ... What? Too expensive? Shut up, I am building a touching moment about saving children here...

Oh, No!
What's that?

An evil villain threw Genesis Bitcoin into OpenSea. Hurry, you have to find it through binoculars and save it from cold water... into your MetaMask app. It will be safe there and so happy. Yeah, you are a hero too! ;-)


Is it Superman? No, it's a bird...

But look down at the OpenSea. Who is that hero, who saved Genesis Bitcoin? Is it some crypto hero?

Yes, it's Bitcoin Hero!

Where did he come from?

Once upon a time, somewhere in the cryptoverse, a hero was born to save the world from financial injustice. It didn't take long for another hero to join him, and then another... and another... Together they began to change the course of history.

To be continued...

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The Very Beginning Of A New Era

Anyone can now own piece of the most crucial history. Cryptography and blockchain technology have allowed us to create non-fungible digital artwork originals, the originality of which can be verified without any central authority and which cannot be counterfeited.

What brings originality to the digital artwork is the NFT token in the background. In fact, the core value lies in the NFT token which cannot exist twice. NFT and artwork create a perfect synergy; without each other they mean practically nothing. Together, though, they have a value that will grow over time.

Digital art is not limited in form, but can have properties assigned to it. It can even interact with other forms of art.

The time of creation of the NFT is forever stored in an unchangeable blockchain. The age of the NFT will always be accurately verifiable. Right now and only now there is a small window of opportunity to own the NFT from the very beginning of the new digital art era. Most collectors will miss this moment completely.

You can freely buy and sell digital artwork backed by the NFT. The digital art market is not limited to a few places - anyone with internet can enter it.  


A non-fungible token

for nerds:

NFT is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; NFTs are thus not mutually interchangeable. This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens, that are fungible in nature.

for dummies:

An NFT is a token that exists only once in the entire universe and cannot be forged.
The NFT owner is the only one who can transfer ownership to someone else. 
NFT is a solution for the human need for distinguishable ownership of digital assets.
With NFT, no two “identical” digital objects are the same. 

Up to this point in history, all copies of digital objects were identical, same as originals. 
Not any more. Now you can value seemingly same objects differently.
If you don’t care about unique ownership in the digital world, you don’t need NFT.

But maybe in some specific cases, our ego needs to own some digital property with provable ownership, right? In that case, the NFT eventually comes handy.


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